Gaining an ASA Duckling Award 2

This term it has been mostly Darren that has taken Little E to her swimming lessons. I like that they get this time together and he is more confident in the water than me. I think being confident in the water with a learner is very important. Little E also loves to make big splashes in the water. I hate getting water in my eyes! This term Little E gained her ASA Duckling Award 2. Little E loves getting certificates but I was able to get a photo of this one much sooner than I did of her ASA Duckling Award 1.

asa duckling award 2

Little E has gained so much confidence in the water over the past few months. She loves putting her head under the water when swimming. When we took the children swimming on our holiday people were amazed at how happy she was putting her head under the water. She really doesn’t get it from me!

In the summer term we have been told that Little E’s lessons will change. She will move up to a new class. A class which she will attend on her own. I have no idea how this will work as she still thinks she can swim in the water without us holding her. I think this class is intended to break her reliance on us. This class is to prepare her for the after school classes that she will start to attend in September. I really don’t want to rush this year but I’m sure it will be September before we know it. My little lady is growing up so quickly.

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