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Strawberry Picking at McLauchlans of Boxted

It’s funny how some memories of your childhood are more prominent than others. I have a vivid memory of strawberry picking that would make me believe it was a regular outing. Apparently we only went once but that day has stuck in my mind. I have wanted to take my own children strawberry picking for the past few years. Darren’s shift pattern has meant he has been working on the weekends during strawberry picking season. This year we finally got the time as a family to go strawberry picking.

strawberry picking mclauchlans boxted

Knowing that McLauchlans of Boxted is a popular destination we decided to head out on our strawberry picking adventure early on a Sunday morning. This was the best choice for Ethan as it was quiet with only a handful of people there.

strawberry picking mclauchlans boxted

Little E had been strawberry picking last year with her nursery so she know what she was doing right away. We did have to remind her to just pick the red ones but she was very happy filling up her container.

strawberry picking mclauchlans boxted

Ethan got very excited about the amount of space available to him at McLauchlans. He started to run and jump over the rows of strawberry plants. It was like watching a hurdle event! This meant that Darren had to hold his had to keep him by his side and keep him focused on our activity. When he was calm Ethan tasted a few of the strawberries and also picked quite a few too.

strawberry picking mclauchlans boxted

We were at McLauchlans for a good hour picking strawberries. Both children really enjoyed our visit and enjoyed trying a few of the strawberries that they were picking. We hope to visit again soon, perhaps later in the season if not it will be next year.

strawberry picking mclauchlans boxted

I filmed our visit to capture the memories of our first strawberry picking adventure as a family.

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