Getting Green Fingers In 2019

Unlike my mum I have never been green fingered. My mum has always had a beautiful garden. It is something she takes pride in and spends a lot of time on. There are times when I look at my children and think how can I keep two humans alive? I can’t even keep a plant alive! We paid a visit at Christmas to Poplar Nurseries where the children were given two real mini Christmas trees which inspired us to work on getting green fingers in 2019, as our two mini Christmas trees need a garden home.  

getting green fingers in 2019

To date, the only area we have created in our garden is the Sensory Garden. My mum has also planted some pots for Little E as she has shown a great interest in flowers. We have aspirations to create an outdoor entertaining space but we haven’t really moved forward with that dream just yet.

garden flowers

To start our green finger journey, we do need to look at investing in the correct garden tools. This is something we have never done. Our lawn mower was passed down from my mum. In fact, I think all the garden tools we own have been passed down from her! Darren has been looking into strimmers. He feels this is one of the first things we need to invest in to help tidy up the edges of the grass.

garden flowers

I also feel to gain our green fingers we have to learn more about plants and flowers. Our garden can be quite boggy of late, so investing in a good book should help us find the correct plants for our soil. It will hopefully help us learn what the plants need to keep them healthy. Hopefully we will be able to create a garden to be proud of if we start our green fingers journey this year. I might just take after my mum yet!

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with SGS.

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