Giving Our Home A Refresh With Laminate Flooring

I can’t believe it but we have lived in our home for seven years now. Our home has seen a lot of change in that time. We moved in as a family of three and now there are four of us. Working lives have changed and now both children are at school. Not only have we changed but also our home is in need of change. Rooms are starting to need a refresh. Well to be honest we haven’t decorated some rooms at all yet. Our home was a new build!

Giving Our Home A Refresh With Laminate Flooring

The room that is in bad need of some TLC is the room that is used the most, our hallway. The carpet really has seen better days with all the through traffic. For a while now we have been thinking to make that refresh with laminate flooring.

Why Refresh With Laminate Flooring?

Like most halls our hall is the home of our front door and were we welcome our guests. It also connects our front room and our kitchen. As you can imagine with growing children the footfall between these rooms are very heavy. When we purchased our home we could pick the carpet throughout. I picked a light mink colour through the whole house. Not the best colour for a floor with a lot of traffic that includes outdoor shoes.

In our flat we had wooden flooring but I found that very cold on my feet at times. Our kitchen has laminate flooring and I have never noticed it feeling cold. We didn’t have any cold feet complainants even when the beast from the east descended. What we are hoping to do is renew our kitchen laminate flooring but carry the design through to our hall.

There is so much Choice with Laminate Flooring

I do love the look of a wooden floor but they can take a lot of maintenance. With a busy family life we don’t need to add the worry of maintaining a wooden floor to our list. You can get the wooden floor look with laminate flooring. There are so many styles and colours available that you are spoilt for choice. It will be very easy to create the wooden floor look.

We also know we will easily be able to keep the laminate flooring nice and clean. All we need to do is save our pennies so we can give our hallway the TLC that it deserves.

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with Flooring Superstore.

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