Pumpkin Painting With Little Brian Paint Sticks

Pumpkin Painting With Little Brian Paint Sticks

Apart from last year when we were in Walt Disney World for Halloween our tradition has been to carve our pumpkins for Halloween. It wasn’t something that eiter of us did as children, but with Ethan being visual we like to make the seasons visual for him too. It was our plan for this year but we decided to try something new and different for us. We had Little Brian Paint Sticks for a review. They claim that the paint sticks can paint on any surface. So I thought we would put our paint sticks to the test. Ethan took no interest in the pumpkin painting. This meant the task was left to me and Little E.

Our Pumpkin Painting

Little E used the paint sticks to draw lots of mini drawings on her pumpkin. One of those drawings was a cat. It wouldn’t have been Little E’s handy work if a cat wasn’t included.

painting pumpkins 2018

I wrote the year on my pumpkin, Little E also asked for me to do this on her pumpkin too. On my pumpkin, being in a creative mood, I made the zero into a ghost. I also painted a face on mine which looked more like a carved pumpkin. I might have taken my decorating too seriously!

painting pumpkins 2018

To complete my pumpkin painting I also wrote Happy Halloween.

It was really easy to use the paint sticks for pumpkin painting. It made this activity nice and clean. The painting wasn’t messy at all because of the paint sticks. We did make sure we left our painted pumpkins to dry overnight. I really enjoyed this activity with Little E. Normally the pumpkin carving is left to Darren. It is a shame that Ethan didn’t want to join in. He did like looking at our painted pumpkins. Perhaps we will try pumpkin painting again next year and hopefully, he might join in too.

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