Goodbye 2015

Today we say goodbye to 2015, and what a busy year it has been. So busy that looking back through the photos I have realised that there are so many adventures I still need to blog about. Hopefully I will catch up at some point but being a mum of two can really eat into your evening blogging time due to being so tired!


Ethan had a very big 2015. He started the year still at nursery and with very few words. He started calling me mummy exactly a year ago, which was the best gift ever!

Ethan started full-time school in April. He loves school but we had, and still have issues with the school bus, it’s a work in progress.

Although I found the summer holidays a challenge Ethan gained so many new words and we even got a question – ‘What is it?’ I really hope 2016 brings more speech for him and his interest in words and text grows into reading. Whatever it brings for him I know he will always make us proud.


Before our eyes, this year, Little E has grown from a baby into a little girl. She really does keep us on our toes but completes our family, we are so happy that we are now a four. I’m sure in 2016 she will continue to show us how independent she can be, we better be ready to keep up!


2015 was going to be the year that we were going to go on adventures. I felt terrible that my pregnancy with Little E made me feel so ill and left us more or less house bound for a year whilst we adjusted to our new addition.

We visited dinosaurs in London, I got treated to the Harry Potter tour for my birthday, had an amazing break at Center Parcs, visited Legoland Windsor twice, saw shows at the 02 including In The Night Garden Live and more recently Disney on Ice.

Our summer was full of adventures to help keep Ethan busy and we discovered that Haven holidays wasn’t the right fit for Ethan and his needs.

We spent time at the beach, weather permitting, and ended the year of nicely with another visit to Lapland UK.

London2 Project365_21 CP_Holiday3 LittleE_21Legoland_229Project365_21Project3655OldMacdonaldsFarm_23ClactonAirShow_211ClactonAirShow_210MeMineOct15LaplandUK_2015_29LaplandUK_20159

2015 really was a year to remember and a year that we have learnt from. Next summer we have already decided that we will be taking things at a slower pace as although Ethan does need to be kept busy it’s no good with two very tired parents in tow.

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