Me & Mine December 2015

It’s time for Me and Mine again and it’s the very last day of 2015. This month has flown by and lets not mention how quickly this year has gone!

I want to tell you that we took some lovely photos of our little family on Christmas day but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Among all of the chaos that is our Christmas day we are very lucky if we mange to take one photo of the children, let alone all of us. So this photo was taken on Tuesday, me and mine by the Christmas tree.


December has past in a blur of Christmas activities and getting everything ready for the big day. Little E went to her very first Christmas party at sing and sign and Ethan was a Shepherd in the school Christmas concert.

I have officially known Darren for ten years this Christmas and this is the first year we let ourselves have a treat and buy more than one Christmas gift for each other. I know it sounds mad but we were saving for our wedding on our first official Christmas as a couple, then moving into our home and of course the children always come first. So it was nice to have some surprises to open this year.

We learnt that color coding the gifts, blue wrapping paper for Ethan and pink for Little E, works very well. Of course gifts from other people weren’t colour coded in this way which meant we had a bit of a battle on our hands when opening presents at nanny’s. The boy who couldn’t open presents a few years ago was a present opening machine!

The Christmas holidays haven’t been easy for Ethan. I was reminded how hard I found the summer break very quickly during the first week. Ethan clearly misses his routine which means I can’t get him to settle and do anything. This therefore makes him very jumpy and flappy. He is also very eager with Little E and I can’t take my eyes off of them for a minute. It makes a very intense atmosphere. Sleep is even more disrupted than normal and 3.30am was our new time to wake up!

This makes me very tired and irritable and not the mum I hope to be, but I had a bit of a realisation today. As much as Ethan is out of synch and he can’t settle, and no matter how intense our days can get. He just wants attention, the attention that Little E gets because she is still a baby and needs lots of cuddle’s to get her though the day. That being said we are looking forward to the routine that school brings for Ethan as we know it will settle him.

Darren’s shift has meant that he did get this Christmas day off and we are looking forward to getting out and about over the next few days.

So December has been filled with both highs and lows for us but we have had a good Christmas together.dear beautiful

4 thoughts on “Me & Mine December 2015”

  1. 3.30 wake ups – wow that’s tough! I’m glad you had some time off all together and a little chance for a rest! And a lovely picture to round out the year, you all look so happy despite the sleep deprivation!

  2. A lovely photo of you all by the Christmas tree and glad that you have had a nice December on the whole even with the challenges that being out of routine brings for you all, and Ethan especially. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2016 and hope that it will be a good year x

  3. Very positive outlook over what is for sure a tricky period! I totally get this. Wishing you lots of calm once school starts again – and a lovely family photo you have there, well done! Happy 2016, would be lovely to see you again x

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