HABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops Product Review #ToadTest

We used to have a little luxury that would keep Ethan still, safe, and also give us a bit of respite. It is known as an iPad! Ethan has recently decided that he no longer likes using his iPad, a good thing really as I was worried we were losing Ethan to technology, but this means we are having to find new ways to entertain a very active little boy. To be honest at times this has been very stressful and tiring, and Darren has come home to find me in tears at least once! 

Last week I had a course I had to attend which meant my mum was babysitting. I knew we were yet to start playing with the HABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops that were sent to us from The Toadstool so I left them with my mum. My instructions were simple ‘If Ethan gets too much, try these!’ They turned out to be a godsend, and are still going strong.

HABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops
HABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops
Product Description: These unique and innovative spinning tops come with 8 discs in different, bright and funky colours and patterns. Watch the sensational effect of these discs in motion as you spin the top to create animations and illusions. These great value spinning tops help to improve fine motor skills as well as introduce the concepts of motion, colour and basic physics.
  • 1 spinning top,
  • 8 colour discs,
  • Suitable from 36 months only,
  • Made from sustainable beech wood,
  • All water based non toxic paints,
  • Made in Germany.


How have the HABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops Helped Us?

Ethan is fascinated with the spinning tops, he will watch them for ages which means he keeps both feet firmly on the ground. 
I have been using them to help bring on Ethan’s communication. He loves to change the discs but he can’t do this on his own so he brings them to us. To remove one I have been saying ‘OFF’ and waiting until Ethan makes some sort of noise to confirm this is what he wants. A few times his normal humming has turned into Ethan trying to say the word off. 
To add a new disc I say ‘ON’ and again wait until Ethan makes a noise to confirm this is what he wants. I also make sure he looks at me for both of these requests. He has also been saying ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ when making the spinning top spin. 
It has also been a great toy for Ethan to use to help develop his fine motor skills. One of Ethan’s traits is that he never uses his pointer finger and we think he does use it with the spinner. He is finally putting it to work.  
HABA Discover Optics Spinning TopsHABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops
I was worried that we were going to lose the discs when this toy wasn’t being played with, but all of the discs fit perfectly onto the spinning top for storage. This also makes its perfect as a toy to take with you. It has already travelled with us.
HABA Discover Optics Spinning TopsHABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops
HABA Discover Optics Spinning Tops
This toy really has been a fantastic edition to our collection. It has helped to calm Ethan down and keep him on one spot. He is also engaging with us as he needs our help which is always an added bonus. 
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  1. What a lovely ‘classic’ toy, and I like how the discs can be stored on the spinner too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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