Happy Birthday To Our Superstar

Ethan this week you turn four! It only feels like moments ago that we brought you home from the hospital and you made us a family. You really did rock our world, more than you will ever know, but we wouldn’t change you for the world.

This year you have done so much. When you turned three you had no words but you soon surprised us with ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ This arrived in a speech therapy session because you like to make us liars! Go has become very clear but Ready, Steady have become a little rushed, but we still know what you are saying. You can also say Daddy, Bye, Car, Star, Yellow and your latest edition is Hello. The line from Jerry Maguire ‘You had me at hello’ really does have a whole new meaning for me now.

You can also hum some words and phrases and we have to listen to you very carefully to make sure we know what you want. 

I also think you are starting baby talk, you are really into In The Night Garden again and you are saying some of the characters names in your own way. I’m keeping everything crossed that this sticks around. 

You are fluent in your own language but we are yet to find someone that can translate!  

You did start to do amazing work with PECS but have decided that you don’t want to use them anymore. We hope that we can change this again over the next year.

This birthday is extra special for us as over the past year you have learnt how to blow out candles, open presents and even show an interest in birthday cards. I’m really looking forward to your birthday morning and opening your gifts.

This next year will be a big year for you as you will become a big brother, our family will become a four. This will be a big change for all of us but I hope it’s one you will enjoy.

You will also start school, something that is very scary for us but I know we will do everything in our power to get you all the support you need for this huge milestone.
I’m really looking forward to what you have in store for us over the next year. I’m hoping it includes lots of laughter, and we make some fantastic memories. If I’m really lucky we will also gain more words. 
Happy Birthday to our special little boy, we hope you enjoy your day x

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Our Superstar”

  1. Caroline Elliott

    Aww Happy Birthday Ethan! Sounds like he is doing so well and those words are really coming on well. What an exciting (and busy) next year it will be for you! xx

  2. Happy Birthday Ethan! I hope he has a wonderful day, and had lots of fun blowing out his candles 🙂

  3. Love this post Jane. He is gorgeous. We are on the cusp of starting PECS eek! I hope this next year is an amazing one for you all x #loudnproud

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. Good luck, we are trying to get him back onto PECS he can do it when he wants too! Always things on his terms lol x

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