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Happy 5th Birthday Little E

Dear Little E,

Today we say Happy 5th Birthday! I can’t believe it, those years have passed so quickly and you have gone from my baby girl to my little girl in a blink of an eye. You entered our world in a whirlwind fashion being three weeks early and that’s how these five years have continued!

little e saying goodbye to nursery

This past year really has been a big year for you as you left nursery and started school. It was a big change for you and it took a while for you to settle in. Thankfully you settled in really well in the Christmas term and you have been talking about going into year one for weeks. In fact, you met your year one teacher this week before you have even turned five.

little e first day school

You have been really lucky this year as this blog has given you the chance to have so many experiences. From days out in London to theme park visits and zoo trips you have taken every experience in your stride. I hope as you get older you still have no fear of trying different things and going to different places.

feeding lorikeets lory landing drusillas park

I might have passed on my love of Disney to you! We love that we were able to take you to Disneyland Paris again this year. This was your third Disney adventure but the first that I think you will really remember. It was so nice experiencing the magic again with you this year. When you go to bed now you tell me to have sweet dreams about Disneyland Paris.

little e victorias home style restaurant chip dale milkshake disneyland paris

You have a love for cats that I might have indulged just a bit. Your birthday presents are all cat-related this year and I can’t wait to see your face when you open them. There are lots of Marie items and when you discovered that you can meet her at Disneyland Paris during the Christmas season I knew I wouldn’t hear the end of it!

little e cat ears

This year our relationship has really blossomed. You have always wanted to be independent and that was new to me. The school has really helped you find your voice and now your want of independence has become easier. You can voice when you need help or just want instructions. You still like to tell me off at times but we have a greater understanding of each other now. Your going to school has also made us closer, you want to give me cuddles now to say goodbye, something that was unheard of at nursery.

little e rainforest cafe

I love how you see the world and you are teaching me to look at it in a different way. I asked you to describe one of your friends to me the other day. Your answer was they have a body and a head. So simple yet so true.

little e walton naze beach

We haven’t told you about your brother’s needs yet it is something we will do when you ask us questions. You have started to notice things and ask questions but it is more about everyday things. You wanted to know why Ethan had a pass at the theme parks we have visited but this was because you wanted to have one too.

Without knowing it you have become a carer for your brother. You help him with his shoes and also his food. You never question his need for help and just get on with it. Your teachers say they you are like this at school too and it makes us very proud.

little e foxes farm pumpkin patch

You have just recently started to sing to songs in the car. Singing your heart out to songs from The Greatest Showman. You also want us to clap you when you are done.

my sunday photo little e armistice day

Happy 5th Birthday our beautiful girl, we hope that you enjoy your next year as much as the last.

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