Happy Birthday Little E, One Today!

Dear Little E,

Today you are one! The past twelve months really have passed in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe how tiny you were and now you are well on your way to walking.


Because of a sickness bug Daddy missed your delivery but nanny was very brave and came into the operating theatre with me. Your delivery was a good experience as I was so nervous and the staff in there took some amazing photos of you as soon as your were born. You arrived at ten minutes past four in the afternoon.

We then spent the first 24 hours on our own, I had you in my arms for most of that time so the photos are limited to photos taken on my phone that I kept sending to Daddy.

Your big brother was brought up to see you on the Sunday morning when you just under two days old.


Thankfully that afternoon they let us come home. I was so glad yo be coming home to start our lives as a family of four.

Apart from Ethan crying when we first brought you home, it had been a long weekend! He bonded with you right away. I was so happy as I really had no idea how he would react to someone so small.


Your bond with him has grown over that past year and there has really been some lovely moments between the two of you which always make me very emotional.


We had three scans whilst I was pregnant with you that confirmed we where having a little girl. I couldn’t believe it, and I still didn’t believe our family was going to have a little lady until they finally placed you in my arms wearing a little pink hat.


We still say to this day we can’t believe we have a little girl and I have embraced everything pink you have even had tutu’s and headbands to wear.

You really are a very cheeky monkey with a very strong personality which we love. You know what you want and you make sure you get it.


This past month we have been enjoying the outdoors a bit more. I’m not sure you really liked grass at first but the paddling pool is a major hit.


You have also been getting strong and more mobile. You have found your balance and this week I think we can officially say we have a walker!


I never ever dreamed I would be chasing around a walking little lady on her first birthday.

We have loved every moment of this year with you, you completed our family and we can’t wait to see what fun you will have being one!

Happy Birthday Little Lady x


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little E, One Today!”

  1. Aww bless her! Happy birthday Little E! Such sweet pictures of Ethan with her when she was tiny – he looks so adoring! What a big girl – walking around! #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. It’s been lovely to watch her develop over the last year and to see the pictures of her and Ethan together – how fast it has gone though, seems like only yesterday that you were still pregnant.

  3. Mummy of Two + 1

    Wow where has that year gone?! Gorgeous photos to look back on. Hope she had a wonderful 1st birthday!

  4. Happy Bday little E,
    Oh how absolutely lovely to see Ethan has bonded so well with his sibling, I have seen images passing over time on Facebook, but now seeing the overview of pictures brings tears to my eyes to! Big hugs from Belgium!

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