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Word Of The Week – School

Our word of the week this week has to be


as we have spent a few of the days at Ethan’s school.

We experienced our very first parents evening, I feel like an official grown up because of this event! It was very different from what I was expecting. I thought there would be a this is what Ethan is good at conversation and then a this is how he can improve.

We had the this is what Ethan is good at but instead of this is how he can improve it was more about this is what he is working on. It was all very positive and a very nice experience. I suppose it’s because we know that Ethan has lots of struggles in his everyday life there is no need to focus on the negative. Another confirmation that Ethan is in the perfect school for him, we are so grateful that he has a place there.

We also had Ethan’s first ever school sports day. It was meant to be an all day event but it was impossible for us to do this with Little E as she won’t sleep when out and about. No sleep for her means a complete nightmare for us and it just isn’t worth the upset.

Ethan had five races in the morning and unfortunately we missed two because Little E decided it was time to have her nappy changed. We did see Ethan pedal a trike, something that we never knew he could do as we have debated getting him a bike but he just hasn’t got the balance for it. We are wondering if a trike is the way forward for him.

We all had a picnic on the field with our children at lunch time but we had to miss the afternoon races as Little E really needed a nap. Ethan could have gone home with us but he actually pushed us out of his class so that he could go and play. This was fantastic for us to see as it has confirmed that Ethan enjoys his time at school.

This week has also been a busy week for Little E. After taking her first steps last Tuesday she stopped trying to walk, but this week there was no stopping her. She can now walk up and down the front room and we have even seen her stand up in the middle of the room with help from her small toys. I wouldn’t say she is ready to walk with us outside yet but there really is no stopping her at home. She is loving every moment of her mobility.

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10 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – School”

  1. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Sounds like a busy week! My son only has 1 week and its holiday for us and yet we are still busy with school stuff. #wotw

  2. It sounds as if Ethan is just loving school, and I think it’s just magical when you see them doing something at school and you didn’t even know they could do – like peddling a trike! I also think there is something really grown up about going to Parent’s Evening, you’re in the hands of the teachers and you never quite know what they’re going to say. Glad you had a lovely week xx

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. It was lovely to see him peddling it have been a hot topic of discussion for quite a while x

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