Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018!

Wishing all of our readers a very Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018! We hope it is a healthy and happy one for you.

happy new year 2018

As 2017 ends for us we find ourselves heading into a year of change. Change isn’t something I particularly like but I think it could be a good thing for our family. Both of our jobs are changing which will mean our home routine will change. I fear this will mean even more juggling for me but it might also do me the world of good in its own way.

Little E will be starting school in September which will be a big change for her and us. Another change for our routine. I’m hoping I will be able to be more productive in school hours and not have to juggle so much around the children.

Ethan doesn’t really have any big changes but he has already moved his new class at school. I’m sure this will continue to bring changes over the year for him.

I have decided not to set myself any personal goals or blog goals this year. I feel by doing this I put pressure on myself and we already have enough to deal with in our everyday life. On the blog and across you tube I will continue to share our Disney adventure. I really pushed myself last year by vlogging to the camera and Ethan enjoys watching our adventures back. I hope you enjoy reading and watching them and I hope that they might help others in our situation.

My only wish is that 2018 is a happy one, that my loves ones are healthy and we continue to make memories.

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