Our Snow Day 2017

On the second weekend of December it snowed! We didn’t wake up to a winter wonderland but it started to snow as we were eating our breakfast. The question is would it settle? Would we be lucky enough to have a snow day? The last time that we had snow that officially settled was when we first moved into our house. Ethan has seen snow since then and I think there might have been some last year that Little E went for a walk in. We haven’t had any snow for a while that the children could really play in. Needless to say there was quite some excitement about a snow day!

snow day

Darren took the children out into the garden whilst I watched from the door taking photos of them playing in the snow. They had fun chasing the snow flakes and catching the snow in their hands.

snow day

Darren made snowballs and Ethan even tried to make his own. It wasn’t long before Darren wanted to go in search of more snow to build a snowman.

snow day

Darren decided that there would be more snow at the front of the house. Off they went to build a snowman. After a good hour and having built a mini snowman it was time to bring the children in to warm up.

We didn’t have as much snow as the rest of the country but I’m glad we had enough for the children to play in. It did snow the next day but not enough to settle. I did promise myself that the next time it snows I will join in the fun.

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