Lead an Eco-Friendlier Lifestyle with These Easy Changes

Lead an Eco-Friendlier Lifestyle with These Easy Changes

Are you conscious of your current lifestyle? We’re all familiar with the devastating and frightening prospect of global warming and the impact it’s already having on our planet. Excessive waste, landfills, air pollutions, ocean plastic, deforestation…it’s all very overwhelming.

Lead an Eco-Friendlier Lifestyle with These Easy Changes

So, much so it can be difficult to know how we can make a difference. But, if you’ve already decided to make a change and live a healthier and eco-friendlier lifestyle then you’re already on the right path. Believe it or not, lots of smaller changes to your lifestyle can make all the difference and when you share these changes with your family and get the kids involved, you’re teaching them good habits and how to make better choices.

Let’s take a look at how you can lead an eco-friendlier lifestyle with these easy changes.

LED lights

You’ve probably been using energy-saving light bulbs for some time, however, there is a better and much brighter option. LED lights like these b22 LED bulbs are the perfect choice for those who are looking to do their bit for the environment and save a little money at the same time. These clever little bulbs require less energy to power them, they last longer than traditional energy-saving bulbs and they don’t possess any toxic components, so when they’re disposed of correctly, they won’t harm the environment.

You can purchase and use LED lights throughout your home, from stylish under-counter lighting in your kitchen to a warm, romantic glow in your bedroom. You can even use them in your garden for atmosphere and security!

Eat less meat

It’s a tricky one, but the facts are there. Eating less meat is better for the environment. Farming and the subsequent production of meat uses huge amounts of energy, requires tonnes of water, is linked to deforestation, and creates significant damage via toxic gases and waste. Not forgetting the ethical side of things.

Reducing your meat intake doesn’t mean going vegan overnight, just reducing your consumption of meat products and filling your plate with more veggies or meat substitutes can help make a difference. And not just to the planet, but to your health!

Try to borrow, not buy!

We live in a consumption culture. And because everything is so easily accessed via the internet it means we consume in vast quantities! Instead of buying something new, like gifts for family members consider making things by hand. Borrow books instead of buying them, shop for second-hand clothes instead of buying new, check out an online sale or auction sites. You can save money and the planet!

Cut back on the car

You may need the car for work, but have you thought about carpooling? Or using public transport? Cycling or even walking to get there? When you have small children, the car is essential, however, if there are occasions where you can walk, cycle or use public transport you should consider them. Any opportunity to reduce your car usage should be snapped up!

Final thoughts…

Have you noticed that being eco-friendlier seems to be better for our health? If we all make little changes then big things can happen! Start your eco-friendlier lifestyle today.

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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