Little E – 15 Months Old

Dear Little E,

Today you are 15 months old and you really are turning into a lovely little girl. You are starting to do so many things and your strong-willed personality is really shining through.

You love books and you will bring them to me to read or look at together. You also like drawing on the manga-doodle which is also brought to me often. If I’m not quick enough to respond to your requests you let me know you aren’t satisfied with a very loud scream. You definitely put me in my place!


With your brother back at school we are starting to get brave and are getting you out of your buggy on walks out. You love the freedom but we really need to work on your hand holding and walking in the required direction. You really are little miss independent.


Your bond with your brother is showing more and more each day. You enjoy your time with us in the day but there are lots of fun and games when Ethan is home. I love this bond and I hope no matter what the future brings you will be there for each other.


You have discovered a love for soft play, you have to work on your climbing but the space to run around is all that is important to you at the moment.


Your groups are back up and running. Sing and Sign, swimming and Baby Ballet. Daddy has been coming to Sing and Sign with us this month as his shift has allowed and we have had lots of fun. I’m also embracing pink for Baby Ballet whilst you can’t complain!


Your hair is nearly long enough for bunches and your quite happy for me to try to put it up. You have liked having your hair brushed for quite some time now which makes it easier.


You also added a new milestone to your list of things you can do, you can now point which means we are naming everything you point at.


You have also been humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star every day. This isn’t a song we sing to you everyday but a song we sing to you when you are a little distressed or want to keep you still to change you. I love that this is also the first thing your brother vocalised.

It has been a fantastic month for you and I can’t wait to see what you get up to next month.

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