Little E – 18 Months Old

Dear Little E,

Today you are 18 months old. In just six short months you will be two, how has this happened so quickly!

This past month we have been very busy as we celebrated Christmas, you got to experience lots of new things and we have enjoyed sharing them with you.

You helped us put up the Christmas tree and liked looking at all the ‘bubbles’. I did think that you would want to touch the tree more than you did which was good for us.


Christmas day was lots of fun. You got lots of lovely presents but needed some help opening them. You have had lots of fun over the past few weeks playing with all of the new toys I still have to find room for.


We have discovered that you quite enjoy pizza and we often find it’s best to just let you share my food at dinner time.


We took you to The 02 for your first Disney experience. We went to see Disney on Ice and it was the same show that we took your brother to see when he was 18 months old. The only difference was that this show included Frozen.


Where possible we are letting you out of the buggy to walk more. It’s getting a little easier as sometimes you will now walk in the direction we want to go in!


On Friday you moved up a class in Baby Ballet, the class is more structured and I thought you would struggle with having to sit still but you did really well. You only run around a few times. The other girls are a lot older and I’m hoping that you will soon be joining in the actions with them all.


You are getting quite a cheeky personality and I love it when you have these moments with us. This photo was taken as you were looking at yourself on the phone, a selfie, I think you quite enjoy taking those.


You have a great laugh, more of a chuckle really but it can be quite infectious.

You are still saying ‘Bubbles’ and you will also use ‘Bye’ with a wave if you have had enough of something. ‘Cheese’ is also a common word now, as is ‘Daddy’. I think you might have even called me ‘Mamma’ once or twice. We also have ‘Fish’ but its more of an ‘ish’ sound.

This month is going to a quiet one full of our normal routine of Sing and Sign, Swimming and Baby Ballet. I love that we have the time to do these things together.

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