Bubbles have been a bit of a theme in our house over the past few weeks. It was Little E’s first word and we have been pointing out all of the bubbles we spot to her. Over the Christmas holiday Ethan decided to show us that he wanted to be in on this bubble action.

Ethan showed us that he can now blow bubbles into his drink. He started by blowing bubbles into the sink in the morning as we were getting dressed. I had one of those ‘Is he really trying to do that’ moments. Then whilst we were having dinner at nanny’s one evening, Ethan just started to blow bubbles into his drink.

My mum was over the moon as she has been trying to get him to blow bubbles, using a straw, for quite some time. So Ethan can now officially blow bubbles, without a straw, into water.

I feel this is a very big step forward for Ethan in terms of communication as I remember reading that learning how control our mouths like this is important for speech development.

10 thoughts on “Bubbles!”

  1. That’s really interesting about speech development and things like this – I never knew that. That’s a great development – well done, Ethan! Enjoy your bubble fun! #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I think it’s because these activities help you learn how to control your mouth. All a step in the right direction x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      You’re right, didn’t think about the swimming thing but we are doing this with Little E at the moment in her swimming lessons x

  2. Awww lovely. It’s amazing when they suddenly ‘get’ stuff that they have struggled with. It normally comes in waves so I am sure it might be the start of further explorations. x

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