Little E – 22 Months Old

Dear Little E,

yesterday you turned 22 months old, in 8 weeks time you will turn two! I’m sad that this time has come around so quickly, your baby days have passed us by in a blur but I’m loving how you are getting to explore the world around you more now that you are older.

Your bond with your daddy gets stronger everyday, you are a true daddy’s girl. You even ask for him as soon as you wake up in the morning. He also gets lovely cuddles when he comes home from work too.


You love your brothers iPad and will play on it whenever you get the chance. At the moment you like to play the matching game and are very good at it. You also like to watch me play the pin ball game and we have been playing the numbers games together.


Your bond with your brother is a strong as ever and you have been playing games together. The picture below is when you were playing boo. It is lovely to see your sibling interaction with each other but you both have to work on your sharing skills.


We were able to attend a soft play birthday party the other week and you had fun with daddy taking you to all the high places that scare the life out of me!


The weather is getting nicer which means we are getting out and about more. We took you to Clacton Pier the other day and you loved watching the sea.


We also spent the day at the beach for Ethan’s birthday and you had lots of fun in the sea.


You are enjoying nursery but after being eager to leave us on the first week you now cry when we have to leave. You also cry when we pick you up so I know you are happy there as you don’t want to leave.

You have a few new words this month, you are saying ‘again’, ‘stairs’ and ‘bath’. We have also been asked if you can understand what we say to you. I wasn’t 100% sure but today you proved you know what I’m saying as you went to the cupboard when I said we needed to get your coat.

Your swimming lessons are going well, you will start to kick and move in the water when you are after something you want. Normally a ball or when you see daddy arrive. You also have no problem going under that water and I have gained my confidence when we have to practice that part.

I’m really looking froward to our summer adventures with you, exciting times for all of us.

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