Little E – 7 Months Old

Dear Little E,

You are 7 months old today and we still can’t believe that we were blessed with a little princess! You really have completed our family.


There were quite a few changes for you this month. I couldn’t put if off any longer and you moved from the Moses basket into the cot in your own room. The move went really well and you are quite happy in your own room.


We have been trying to put you in your cot for your daytime naps. You don’t fall asleep as easily as you do at night and you only nap for about ten minutes. Thankfully you sleep through the night and you normally make it quite clear you want to be in your cot before 7pm.

You have also started to eat in your high chair and join us at meal times.


Ethan loves having you with us at the dinner table and his eating has improved a little bit.

You went on a swing for the first time, but I don’t think you were very impressed!


We also introduced you to bubbles, I can’t wait for you to share this new discovery with your brother as he also loves them.


You saw snow, there wasn’t enough to play in but we have had snowfall quite a few times.


You have been working on sitting up and I don’t think it will be long until I can’t totally trust that you won’t throw yourself backwards.


Over the past couple of days you are also moving around the floor by rolling and on your tummy a little bit. We are now on crawling watch but like rolling I’m sure you will do this when you are ready.

You have started second stage weaning and I’m trying to introduce finger foods but I’m not sure you are very happy with the rusk option.


Your personality is really starting to shine through now and we are really looking forward to our future with you.


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