A New Word – Apple!

At the moment it feels like Ethan is being quite vocal. There is lots of babbling and sometimes I can work out the words he is trying to say with his vocalizations. An outsider wouldn’t be able to understand him, even Darren and close family struggle, but it’s nice to know that he is trying to communicate with us.

The other morning we had a shopping delivery and whilst I was upstairs dealing with Little E Darren started to put the food away. From upstairs I’m sure I heard Ethan say apple. I called down and asked Darren if he had the apples in his hand. He didn’t but they were on the side and as he picked them up Ethan said apple again.

I rushed downstairs to ask him again what the object was, again he said apple!

I can only think that he knows this word from nursery as he doesn’t eat apples with us. He hardly eats anything with us, but I know at nursery they have a fruit snack every day that he sometimes joins in with.

We are loving how vocal Ethan is being, even if it is a little loud at times! Ethan is fast approaching his fifth birthday and that is the magic age when non-verbal autistic children might get speech if they are going to. I don’t think it’s a proven fact but it’s something we have heard mentioned a lot on our journey. I’m keeping everything crossed that this is the direction Ethan is going in.



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