Little E On Your First Day Of School

Dear Little E,

Today is the first day of a big adventure for you. It is your first day of school! I know that you are a bit nervous as you don’t know what to expect but you have been ready for school for ages. You are eager to learn and you want to learn to read. I hope this hunger for knowledge continues for many years.

little e saying goodbye to nursery

You are our second child but we are experiencing lots of firsts with you on your journey. This morning will be our first ever school run. Having been parents for eight years we have never been able to walk our children to the school gates. I’m excited about getting this time with you even in the rain.

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We have already had your first homework assignment. I know this education journey will be a very different experience from the one we are used too. I can only hope that you find the homework projects enjoyable.

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You have grown up so quickly little lady I hope these years at school go a little slower. I really hope you make some good friends at school and your time there is enjoyable. I hope we don’t grow apart and we continue you to be best friends. I know Ethan is your favourite, but as long as I remain your second. Well third after your daddy!

little e

I really hope your first day goes well and you enjoy school. I’m looking forward to you telling me all about your adventures when you get home.

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