My Little Toy Testers

We are very lucky that every now and then the children are sent toys to review. I captured this photo last week of my children when they were in the role of my little toy testers.


I love the concentration on their faces and the fact that in this moment they are taking turns and playing nicely.

Ethan took a great interest in this toy, he even did a little bit of role-play which is fantastic progress for him and being able to play. Little E also loved it can couldn’t wait to get her hands on the little car that come with the play set.

This calm didn’t last for long as Little E can be very loud when she wants something that Ethan has. Ethan is also getting quite good at embracing the big brother role and winding his little sister up whenever he sees the perfect moment. This is easily done by taking a toy off of her, or even a toy that she has her eye on. Little E has learnt the word ‘Share’ so this can often be heard when she wants to get her hands on something. Being that we also try to capture some of these reviews on video for our you tube channel it can make for interesting watching. Thank goodness we have an editing tool.

Living Arrows

2 thoughts on “My Little Toy Testers”

  1. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Oh look at them putting the new toy through its paces. The concentration on their faces speaks volumes too. Xx #livingarrows

  2. They both look like they are taking their toy testing role so seriously! The novelty of new toys has definitely worn off for LP and Little Man but every so often something turns up that they really, really love x

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