Me & Mine October 2016

Another month, another late Me and Mine post. I got hit by a terrible cold at the end of the half term that taking a family photo was the last thing on my mind. This cold easily lasted for about two weeks and with Darren’s shifts falling on a weekend it has been hard finding a time to take a photo of our little family. So tonight I just grabbed the phone and opted for a selfie option.


I love the result, Little E has a bit of a thing for selfies. She doesn’t smile to have a photo taken but is very animated when the selfie option is switched on to take a photo. Ethan has also clearly mastered his smile, saying cheese as this was taken.

During October we enjoyed family time. We got to see my brother and his family as we celebrated my nieces 18th birthday and we were also able to enjoy some days out over the half term holiday. Thankfully before my cold came on.

Ethan did really well with the half term holiday. I think he needed the break from school that he was able to cope with a week without routine. Darren’s shift fell at the beginning of the holiday which could have also helped him settle. It did disrupt his sleep even more than normal so the nights were hard and we were tired. Ethan did have a doctors check up this month and I asked if sleep would improve in his teenage years. I was informed it gets worse!

Little E has really settled into her new nursery setting and she loves it. I was able to bring home her progress book at the half term and it was nice to see what she has been getting up to. We also attended a Harvest Festival of songs, she wanted to sit with me but she did join in with the songs. She even joined in with the actions towards the end of their little show.

We have been busy keeping the daily routine ticking over. Darren did a fantastic job of looking after me and the house when I was feeling really rough, thankfully he didn’t catch the cold.

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