Me & Mine January 2016

I can’t believe we are at the end of January already! It has been a busy but nice month for us as we celebrated Darren’s 40th birthday. We did actually find some time to take this months me and mine photo whilst we were our and about, and here it is.


We still aren’t brave enough to let Little E escape but I do like this months attempt of a non sofa shot.

As part of Darren’s birthday celebrations we actually got to escape, without the children, to a Center Parcs luxury spa break. We had a lovely couple of days and we were able to recharge the batteries. We did also go out for dinner as a family, it was only a Pizza Hut trip but it went really well and we really enjoyed it.

It was a big month for Ethan as he lost his first tooth, and this month it caused much discussion. We were on tooth watch for most of January. He has been enjoying school and his speech is coming along really well. I still do have to do most of the translating at home and there are times when I have no idea what he is saying, but he has come so far in less than a year at school.

Little E turned 18 months old this month and she too has had trouble with her teeth. Her bottom teeth are coming through, she tends to get them in batches. It has made her quite moody and very clingy to me, I will be glad when she has all of her teeth through.

I have been very busy just trying to fit chores and errands around the children. There is always something to do and always a never-ending list to catch up on.

It has been a nice start to the year I’m looking forward to what February brings our way.

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6 thoughts on “Me & Mine January 2016”

  1. I spy the park we took our January Me and Mine photos in last year!!! Good choice. Sounds like you’ve had a fun packed month, an adults only trip to Center Parcs sounds like bliss. x

  2. Lovely photo, I love your description ‘non-sofa shot’, we took November and Decembers photos indoors and I was determind that January’s would be outside! Your weekend at Center Parcs sounds amazing. I hope Little E’s teeth cut through and shes feeling better soon, we have had teeth cutting through here this month and its just awful!

  3. Carie @ Space for the Butterflies

    It sounds like you’ve started the year as you mean to go on – and what a lovely way too – may it continue with lots more celebrations and fewer teeth causing bother!

  4. Sounds like it has been a lovely month for you all and I do love this month’s non-sofa photo! Glad you and Darren had a lovely weekend away and that Ethan is doing so well speech-wise. Hope Little E’s teeth come through soon x

  5. YAY for being outside! We were inside for this month’s photo which I think is a bit of a tradition for us! Sounds like you had a lovely month – especially the spa break! x

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