A Pizza Hut Dinner

It only feels like yesterday that we attempted Ethan’s first meal out without a high chair. It was a massive step for us to take but a life skill we thought was very important. We don’t get to eat out that often but we didn’t want it to be on the list of things we can’t do.

Ethan has now mastered sitting nicely when out and about. I’m sure school has helped massively in this too but as long as he has something to keep him busy he is normally fine sitting at the table for a while. We still do control the environment as much as possible, asking for a booth or a quiet area, therefore keeping Ethan’s anxiety as low as we possibly can.

The issue we now have to work on is getting Ethan to eat when we go out. Burgers and sometimes pasta are always a sure hit, he doesn’t finish a meal but he does pick at it, eating something. As you can imagine this does limit our eating out options.

For Darren’s birthday last week we knew we wanted to go out for a meal. Knowing that pizza is an option for Ethan at school dinners we thought we would go and see if he would try something different. This is where Ethan amazed us.

The menu had some photos of the food options, a big help for our very visual boy, he picked out the chicken and chips option. Yes he really just wanted, and only ate the chips, but it was a different food choice for him.

Not only did he pick a different main meal but Ethan went to the salad bar with Darren. Ethan helped himself to some of the bread sticks and ate them. He also ate a bowl of pasta that Darren picked out for him. When our Pizza arrived Ethan also tried some very small pieces of it.

So not only did our trip to Pizza Hut mean that Ethan tried and ate lots of different food, we have also discovered that he likes bread sticks. A new food, something that I can add to our food shop for a snack. A very successful meal out.




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