Me & Mine June 2016

It’s the end of the month again and time for our Me and Mine photos. Without realising we created the same photos that we took for last years June Me and Mine photos so I thought I would post them both so that we can see just how much Little E has grown.

June 2016


June 2015


This month has really been a month for catching up with friends and family. Darren shifts meant that we had the weekends as a family and we were able to go and celebrate a friend’s birthday and even enjoyed a day a Diggerland.

It feels like this month we have been making plans for the summer holidays. Last years summer holidays really drained us as our break to Haven just didn’t suit Ethan and his needs. This year we are lucky enough to be offered some respite and Little E’s nursery runs through the holidays. We are hoping a mix of family days and days where the children get their own one to one time with us will work well.

There has also been plans made for Little E’s nursery in September, we are adding to her hours and really hope she is ready for it. It does mean that she is also coming to the end of some of her groups which I’m finding quite sad.

Thankfully we got through the month without any illness too, which is amazing and must be a first for this year.

So a month of catching up and making plans for us.

The Me and Mine Project

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