Me & Mine March 2016

It’s the 10th of April and I’m yet to post our Me and Mine photos for March. I had great plans for our March me and mine photos, I say great plans as long as it was a photo taken whilst out and about I was going to be happy. Then the flu hit and all of our Easter holidays plans crashed down around us. It took well over a week for me to start to feel human again so on Friday nanny took a quick photo of us on my phone.

MeMineMar161 MeMineMar162

This month health and well-being has been a main focus for us as the month started with a heart scare for my dad. The start of this year has really been a testing one for us where illness is concerned and it has really made me start thinking about my fitness. This has resulted in me buying myself a bike with the aim to start my fitness journey. I’m hoping my bout of flu is the end of our illness for this year.

There have been quite a few reasons for gifts this month. We had an early Mother’s Day and Easter which coincided with my Birthday. My flu meant my birthday got a little overlooked, but there was cake and I received lovely gifts from Ethan for the different celebrations that March brought with it.

We could tell Ethan was glad of the Easter holidays as he was tired but he has found the holidays hard with the lack of his routine.

There was also a big change for Little E as we decided that she should start attending a nursery earlier than we originally planned.

I think we can safely say March was quite eventful even though it felt that we didn’t actually get out that much!

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