Project 366 2016 Weeks 12 – 14 Days 80-100

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 80

The Twirlywoos came out with us in the car to visit nanny today.


Day 81

We visited SMYTHS today as Ethan lost his second tooth yesterday. The tooth-fairy wanted to leave Ethan Peppa Pig Lego rather than money. Little E loved exploring and we had to buy her a ball by the end of our trip out.


Day 82

We have been taking Little E to a nursery drop in on Tuesdays where we can use their sensory room. In typical Little E style she was chasing a ball into the tunnel.


Day 83

Ethan brought home Easter gifts from school. Little E loved this chick cupcake.


Day 84

We went for a walk today and ended up in the pet shop to show Little E the fish.


Day 85

It’s my birthday and I was starting to feel ill so there were no pictures taken with my cake this year.


Day 86

Ethan was in full holiday jumping mode, Little E was feeling rough and tearful. I was feeling rough so to calm things down and stop the tears the Easter gifts were given out early. Ethan thought it was Christmas.


Day 87

Nanny got Ethan a Rubik’s Cube for Easter as he had shown an interest in his cousins at Christmas. I tried to solve it, I didn’t get very far on this attempt!


Day 88

The children were quite interested in the stormy weather outside this morning.


Day 89

Ethan needed to get out of the house after being stuck in with me for four days whilst Darren was working and I was feeling increasing ill.


Day 90

I have never felt so ill and I couldn’t stop coughing. I mean non-stop coughing that makes your whole body hurt. Darren went out and got me chocolate cough medicine. It worked.


Day 91

A moment of affection from my siblings.


Day 92

Ethan had a respite day, we took the chance to go to lakeside. We had a lovely lunch with Little E and I think she loved the attention.


Day 93

We treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway for dinner.


Day 94

A photo from Darren today.


Day 95

Darren was showing Little E videos on you tube, I love her expression in this photo.


Day 96

Both children have been vocalising ‘Two little monkeys jumping on the bed’. Little E has been making different toys jump along to the tune.


Day 97

We walked into town today and had some lunch out. I think Little E enjoyed it.


Day 98

I want to get fitter and I have decided a bike is the way I will do it. This is the first bike I have owned for more years than I care to remember.


Day 99

We managed to escape to visit the sea today. It’s easily Ethan’s favorite place to be.


Day 100

Ethan discovered gadget again today and played with him all day.

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