Meeting Anna and Elsa on the Disney Magic

Meeting Anna and Elsa on the Disney Magic

When we told the children we were going to be sailing to Norway. We told them we were visiting the home of Anna and Elsa to give them some idea of what to expect. Of course, if we are going to the home of Anna and Elsa we would also have to meet them. This is the children’s experience of meeting Anna and Elsa on the Disney Magic.

Meeting Anna and Elsa on the Disney Magic

Booking The Disney Cruise Line Frozen Meet and Greet

Just like the Princess Gathering to meet Anna and Elsa you need to obtain a ticket. These can be booked at the same time as your Port Adventures. As this was our second Disney Crusie we are now Silver Castaway Club members. This means we could book our Port Adventures at 90 days before our sail date. First-time guests can book at 75 days and Gold Castaway Club members can book 105 days before. If you are lucky enough to be a Platinum Castaway Club Member or a Concierge Guest you can book 120 days before the sail date.

For UK guests the online booking window opens up at 5 am in the morning. Ironically we were at Disneyland Paris on the day our booking window opened. This meant I had to get up at 4 am to book our Disney Cruise Port Adventures.

Meeting Anna and Elsa

As our cruise was a seven-night sailing the Frozen meet and greet was being held on both sea days. I decided to book the first sea day as I thought it would be a good visual for Ethan. This did mean that Little E didn’t have an Elsa outfit to wear as her Princess makeover was booked on the night of the Frozen deck party.

ethan little e anna elsa frozen meet greet meeting anna and elsa on the disney magic

The Frozen meet and greet on the Disney Magic was held in the same restaurant as the meet and greet on the Disney Dream, Animator’s Palate. On the Disney Dream Ethan found waiting for the meet and greet too much. There were more people and he couldn’t see who he was waiting for. This could be because the Dream is a bigger ship or the fact that it was a four-night sailing and fewer opportunities to meet Anna and Elsa.

This time we were let straight into Animator’s Palate and there were only two families ahead of us waiting for their turn.

ethan little e anna elsa meeting anna and elsa on the disney magic

Both of our children were really quiet when they met Anna and Elsa. This, of course, is expected of Ethan but I think Little E was a little bit star-struck. I don’t think Elsa did much talking but Anna made up for it. Being true to their characters I’m sure. Even though Ethan wasn’t very responsive Anna kept asking him questions about the games they could play. I love that every Disney Character Ethan has met him being non-verbal or pre-verbal has never caused a problem.

ethan anna high five little e elsa cuddle meeting anna and elsa on the disney magic

Little E did tell me that she loved meeting Elsa. I’m glad we booked the Frozen meet and greet as we have never been able to meet Anna and Elsa in any Disney Park we have visited.

Can You Meet Any Other Frozen Characters On The Disney Magic?

There was also a chance to meet Olaf on the Disney Magic. You don’t need a ticket to meet him, but we knew there would be a very long queue. Because of this, we decided to skip meeting him as Ethan would have found the wait too overwhelming.

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