Meeting Princess Poppy at the Trolls Festival

Meeting Princess Poppy at the Trolls Festival

This month Shrek’s Adventure in London invited us to visit. This summer they are hosting a Trolls Festival which gives you the chance to meet Princess Poppy.

meeting princess poppy at the trolls festival

The Trolls Festival takes place in its own room that you can visit after taking part in Shrek’s Adventure. You enter a Troll village decorated with lots of special details and very bright colours.

trolls festival shreks adventure london
trolls festival shreks adventure london

In the Trolls Festival, you can sing, dance and play games to all of the music from the film. With a special party host in the room. She had the adults guessing the missing words to music tracks and the children singing along to the songs. Some of the children, including Little E, were singing at the top of their voices. You can stay in this room for as long as you want. We had to escape a little earlier than planned as a bathroom break was needed. I would advise making any bathroom trips first as the toilets aren’t that close to the troll area.

Meeting Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy was having a little break when we arrived at the Trolls Festival. All the singing and dancing kept the children entertained. They didn’t notice the waiting time to meet Princess Poppy. Little E was very excited at the prospect of meeting Princess Poppy and couldn’t wait to meet her when she joined the festival.

meeting princess poppy trolls festival shreks adventure london

They have a professional photographer in the room taking the meet and greet photos. I didn’t ask if I could take photos in here but they were happy to let me film. You are restricted from taking photos and filming in Shrek’s Adventure.

There is an extra cost to visit the Trolls Festival to meet Princess Poppy. You will need to purchase a ticket to enter this area. Included in the price of the ticket are a Trolls lanyard and a special edition pop badge.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted tickets to Shrek’s Adventure London and the Trolls Festival for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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