Boosting Body Confidence With Comfortable Underwear

When you decide to have a baby you know that your life is going to change. I don’t think anyone is fully prepared of the changes that can happen. Of course there are the changes that everyone tells you about. The sleepless nights, the endless feeding, having to put someone else’s needs above your own to name just a few. The one I wasn’t prepared for was the knock to my own confidence. This was both my mental and body confidence.

boosting body confidence with comfortable underwear

How Was My Mental Confidence Knocked?

Mentally I was pushed totally out of my comfort zone. I had a little person totally dependent on me for all of their wants and needs. I remember I had days of craving to go back to my office, as I knew what I was doing there. At home everything was new and a little bit scary. I soon found my parenting rhythm even with autism thrown into the mix.

How Was My Body Confidence Knocked?

By having a baby your body is doing the most amazing thing possible; it’s building another human! There is no way that this miracle can take place without your body going through some changes. Some changes will stay with you well into your parenthood journey. Don’t get me wrong I was never a supermodel before children, like most woman I put on weight and gained a mum tum. This wasn’t helped by having to have C-sections. There are now parts of me that need a little more support than they did in the past!

How Did I Gain My Confidence Back?

My mental confidence came back slowly and surely. You learn that a baby isn’t a scary thing and you slowly learn all the tricks of parenthood. You learn that your parenting techniques have to change as your children grow too. They like to keep you on your toes.

My body confidence is an on-going project. I joined a gym that is slowly helping to me to tone up. I have also discovered how important it is to invest in some good and comfortable underwear.

Choosing underwear that gives you the correct support, holds you in and gives you smooth lines can make even your casual clothes look amazing on you. If you feel you look amazing your body confidence is bound to rise.

The correct underwear doesn’t have to be purchased just for special occasions. It should be used for everyday too. At you can buy comfortable and supportive underwear. Bras and briefs designed to support you for your different everyday needs.

Having confidence in yourself is such an important life skill. It’s amazing where the source of that confidence will come from. If a little bit of underwear can help I’m more than happy to invest in some.

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with Kinx.

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