Me & Mine July 2016

It’s the end of the month again and time to share a photo of our family. I decided not to make us pose for a photo this month but decided to use this photo taken on Little E’s second birthday.


It isn’t the best photo of us, in-fact for a change Little E is the only one looking towards the camera, but it captured a moment of celebration for our little lady.

So July has been a busy month for us celebrating Little E’s birthday and winding down the end of the school year. There have been lots of school activities to attend, including Ethan’s sports day. Ethan has found this month pretty hard and it all out of sorts with his lack of routine. This is our second summer holiday since he started school and his improved understanding is making it a little easier. Ethan isn’t sleeping well though and we all tired.

It has been a busy month for Little E too, there have been quite a few appointments for her and her activities have now come to an end. She will be spending two afternoons a week at nursery over the summer which will help give both of the children some space from each other. Our relationships with Ethan can be quite intense at the best of times.

For me and Darren this month has been non-stop with everything that has needed to be done for the children. It was our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday and today we all went out for lunch to celebrate. August will be hard work for us and I’m sure by September we will both be very tired. I’m hoping that this year we do have a nice mix of respite days and things to do that will make the holiday easier on all of us.

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