Me & Mine September 2016

This month I’m very late with taking my photos and writing my me and mine post. I have been busy with a work project which means life has to go on hold until its completed. So this photo was taken at the weekend when we were celebrating my nieces 18th birthday. We have two very excited children bursting to get out of our arms at this point.


September saw me attached to the computer whilst juggling nursery runs, swimming lessons and any other appointment that we needed to be at. Darren spent September keeping everything else running, this house really does have to run on team work. Even more so when I get tied up with projects. We did get the chance to go to the cinema and see Bridget Jones’s Baby, I haven’t laughed so much for ages!

Ethan returned to school without any problems and has thrived being back in his routine. We have had a few meltdowns to battle. The worst one being when he was sent home from school when he was feeling unwell. He didn’t understand why he didn’t finish the routine of his day and the tears flowed. He wouldn’t let us change him out of his school uniform for quite a few hours that day. It is terrible seeing Ethan in full-blown meltdown mode but I have learnt that the best thing to do is just ride it out until it passes.

Little E’s routine has had an unexpected change this month, we did think that from September she would be attending nursery for four sessions a week. This was going to be split between two settings. Things didn’t quite work out the way we expected and Little E is now only attending one nursery for two sessions a week. It has actually worked out for the best. Little E is loving her nursery setting and it is a lovely mix of being at nursery and being at home with us. I still can’t shake the feeling that I have forgotten something every-time she isn’t with me.

So it’s been a very busy month and I’m hoping that things will be a lot quieter through October.

The Me and Mine Project

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