Mini Apple & Banana Muffins

I managed to drag myself off of the sofa today and finally away from watching the Steps concert for the millionth time this week to try to make some healthy snacks for Ethan. 

I found this recipe on the Change 4 Life website in part of their be food smart campaign and thought we would give them a go. 

There are two positive things about this recipe the first is I would class these as a cake so we may hopefully be able to replace the angel slices with these. The second is that they contain banana which Darren can’t stand therefore this means they will be in the kitchen for longer than five minutes. Darren did try to eat one as soon as I took them out of the oven but I was kind and informed him of what they contained. 

They were very simple to make and I was able to make and bake them whist Ethan had his nap. They can also be frozen which means if they are liked I will be able to batch cook them. 

I can proudly say I actually cooked these from scratch!

Mini Apple & Banana Muffins
Ethan’s Verdict
Ethan did eat one of these after his lunch but I asked him if he wanted a cake which to him is an angel slice so he did try to give it back to me when he saw it. Thankfully leaving it with him meant it did get eaten, we tried another one after dinner just to see what his reaction was and he turned his nose up at it. We will try again tomorrow lunch time, I’m hoping he takes to them. 
My Verdict
I really like them and they contain fruit so that’s a bonus but I don’t think you can really taste the banana so if I had never told Darren I’m sure he would have eaten them all by now!

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