Not In The Mood For Food!

I have never been good with the food I eat, surprisingly I don’t eat a lot, I just eat all of the wrong things. I’m not a lover of fruit or veg but I changed my eating habits when I was pregnant and with the help of Annabel Karmel we ate very well whilst I was on maternity leave. I even started to loose weight! 

Fast forward two years throw a very tired working mummy and an autistic toddler into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. Needless to say our eating habits have slowly and surely gone downhill. 

Ethan used to eat really well but since September and our continuous bouts of illness he isn’t eating much, sometimes not at all. This could be put down to two things the terrible two’s or autistic traits. According to all the information I have read autism can bring with it fussy eaters and a love for carbs, Ethan loves carbs!

At the moment we know that Ethan will eat the following, on his terms

  • Eggs
  • Bananas 
  • Yoghurt’s
  • Chips (McDonald’s!)
  • Beans
  • Weetabix
  • Toast with Nutella
  • Angel Slices (another of Ethan’s obsessions!) 
  • Garlic Bread



My terrible excuse for things going downhill is the lack of choice and not being able to buy the quantities I want from ASDA home shopping. I have searched and searched their website and although they say you can order quantities I can’t get it to work. 

I have not been making the time at the weekends to make meal plans so I’m just ordering easy options an hour before my delivery order deadline. It was easier in the summer as I could plan our meals during our commute as it was light enough to see.  
I have also simply run out of ideas. 
So today whilst we have been fighting this viral infection I have used our Heffalump, Steps Concert Sofa day to create a meal plan and shopping list. I have finally placed an order with TESCO’s, which I find offers so much more choice, I just hope they find the house tomorrow. 
I have chosen meals, all new recipes for us, from my slow cooker recipe book that have a sauce which may encourage Ethan to try them. I’m also taking a slight step back and have decided to make fruit puree’s from Annabel Karmel’s book so that we can somehow sneak fruit into Ethan’s system. So hopefully, viral infection permitting, we will be trying some new meals at the weekend.

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