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OSMO Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships REVIEW

In June 2020 Little E was given an OSMO Genius Kit to review and help with our home learning journey. Over the past year, she has also been able to explore more OSMO games including the Creative Starter Kit as well as exploring the world of coding with the Coding Starter Kit. She also had some Disney fun with the Super Studio Disney Princess set. OSMO also started to expand their Math offerings with their Math Wizard range. This month launching The Amazing Airships and The Enchanted World Games. Little E was lucky enough to receive both of these new games to review.

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OSMO Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships REVIEW

What Is OSMO?

OSMO is an accessory that can give your children hands-on learning with an iPad or Fire Tablet. OSMO can achieve this with games that use objects in the real world. All the OSMO objects interact with the digital world shown on the tablet screens. Opening up a world of learning fun for children of all ages.

What Will You Find In The Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships Box?

Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships gives children the chance to learn mathematical thinking with hands-on play. This is done by building airships to carry the number of boxes required. Helping to build mental maths with addition and subtraction. As well as helping to build children’s confidence in an adventure-filled game earning rewards along the way.

little e holding osmo math wizard amazing airships box

Inside The Box You Find

  • A Magical Blueprint Board
  • 16 Ship Pieces
  • 16 Cargo/Box Pieces
  • 12 Balloon Pieces
  • Access to the game app Osmo Math Wizard using the Amazing Airships postcard provided

Please Note – This game does not come with the OSMO Base. It is required and available to purchase separately if you don’t already own one.

Playing Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships

Customers call the airship hanger to order items that they need. You must fulfil the orders and deliver their packages.

customer calling osmo math wizard amazing airships

Your job is to design an airship that is able to carry the boxes of cargo and complete the delivery. You will need to make sure that the airship can stay afloat on its journey. These designs can be worked out by using addition and subtraction equations.

blueprint board box ship pieces osmo math wizard amazing airships

If your equations are correct the cargo will arrive safely and you can celebrate as the delivery and level well be complete.

complete airship sum osmo math wizard amazing airships
correct maths equation osmo math wizard amazing airships
completed airship delivery osmo math wizard amazing airships

In Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships, there are three worlds to work through. Spellbarrow Skyline, Waterfall Fjords and Cloud Tops. Each world contains lots of levels and deliveries to unlock. Each delivery will test your mathematical skills and there are even extra challenges added in to really getting you thinking.

level challenge osmo math wizard amazing airships

Which Devices Are Compatible With OSMO?

If you would like to use OSMO you will need a compatible device. OSMO works with most iPads and Amazon Fire tablets. The OSMO Frequently Asked Questions page lists all of the available compatible devices.

You can purchase iPad’s from many online stores including AGROS*,*, and Very*. Amazon Fire tablets are available to purchase online at Amazon*.


PLEASE NOTE Compatible devices do not come in the OSMO sets. You must purchase one separately.

What Does Little E Love About Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships?

Little E loves the characters in this OSMO game. She loves discovering who will phone up with an order for the airships.

opening screen osmo math wizard amazing airships

As with all OSMO games Amazing Airships talks you through how to play the game and what items you need to create the airships. Little E loves this and it really helps her understand how to play the game. Before she knew it she was working out the maths equations and enjoying it.

little e placing box pieces

She even enjoys working out the challenges and doesn’t want any help at all.

little e looking complete airship

With the airships complete and the orders on their way, Little E loves that you have to collect items on the way. It adds another dimension to the gameplay. Giving her a little break from the math.

little e helping airship fly

In the below video you can watch Little E playing the Amazing Airships game.

What Do I Love About Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships?

Math was something we really struggled with when we had to do home learning with Little E. The pictures on the paper just weren’t helping her learn what she needed to. We all ended up getting really frustrated and there were lots of tears. With this OSMO game, it feels like all those issues have disappeared. Little E is working out maths equations that I thought she would need help with. I was being told off for trying to help her.

airship example

Amazing Airships is for ages 6 to 8 and it perfectly suits Little E’s ability and level. She is asking to play this game every weekend and she enjoys playing it with us even if she doesn’t need our help. I’m so glad we got the chance to add this game to our OSMO collection*.

DISCLOSURE – We received Math Wizard and The Amazing Airships as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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