seahorse christmas ornament

Our 2020 Christmas Tree

Before we move into what hopefully will be a better 2021 I want to share our 2020 Christmas tree. This is something I do every year and we treated our tree to some new decorations this year.

little e decorating christmas tree

This year we put our tree up on the last weekend in November. I wanted to put it up in December but the children were desperate to get our tree up. They kept spotting our neighbor’s trees. 2020 was the year were Christmas trees went up early that’s for sure. The last weekend in November also fitted in well with Darren’s new work shift.

This year Little E took over the tree decorating. It happened very naturally and I was happy to pass this job over to her. It was my job as a child and it was one of my favourite things to do. She directed me on where to place the decorations for the top of the tree and she was very proud of herself. All through the month of December, she adjusted the decorations when she felt the tree needed an improvement.

Our New 2020 Christmas Tree Decorations

We took a trip to Perrywood Garden Centre to take a look at their Christmas displays. As garden centres were one of the few places open during the November lock-down lots of the displayed items had been purchased. There were a few decorated trees left and we had fun picking some new ornaments for our tree.

Without realising we chose some fairy-tale-themed orientates in the shape of a glass slipper and a fairy.

rainbow fairy christmas ornament
cinderella glass slipper christmas ornament

We gave a home to two hummingbirds.

glitter green hummingbird christmas ornament
glass hummingbird christmas ornament

Picked some ocean-themed decorations. The seahorse is easily one of my new favourites.

seahorse christmas ornament
seashell christmas ornament

Little E picked a glass squirrel and Ethan wanted to add a snowflake to our collection.

glass squirrel christmas ornament
snowflake christmas ornament

Not forgetting two new fancy baubles.

peacock design bauble christmas ornament
gold green sequin bauble christmas ornament

New Disney Decorations

Even though we managed to visit Disneyland Paris this year I didn’t add to my Disney ornament collection on the trip. I did however spot some new ones I liked on Shop Disney.

Last year I did manage to replace the broken Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorations that we purchased during our wedding trip. But I fell in love with these new ones on the website. So Darren agreed that we should add them to our collection.

mickey mouse puppet christmas ornament
minnie mouse puppet christmas ornament

I also got us the 2020 Disney Key ornament. I’m hoping that when we put it on the tree in future years we will remember what a year this was. And be grateful that we, hopefully, never have to go through anything like this again!

gingerbread mickey mouse 2020 disney key christmas ornament 2020 Christmas Tree

Personalised Christmas Decorations

This year we were also able to add some personalised Christmas decorations to the tree too. Little E wanted a decoration with their names on it. There wasn’t many left in Perrywoods but thankfully we were able to find reindeer with both children’s names on them.

ethan reindeer christmas ornament 2020 Christmas Tree
little e reindeer christmas ornament 2020 Christmas Tree

Ethan also brought home two handmade Christmas ornaments this year. A salt dough Christmas tree painted gold.

ethans salt dough christmas ornament 2020 Christmas Tree

And a photo of him meeting Father Christmas at Colchester Zoo. His class went on a Christmas trip there and got the chance to meet Santa and the penguins.

ethans photo with santa handmade christmas ornament 2020 Christmas Tree

I love that our Christmas tree changes with us every year. I wonder what new additions we will add next Christmas.

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