ethan little e wheres santa map preparing for santas visit

Preparing for Santa’s Visit – Christmas Eve 2020

This Christmas Eve was the first time I can remember the children being so excited about Santa’s visit. I don’t know what it was that built the excitement. Perhaps having to celebrate at home or just that Ethan finally fully understands what happens at Christmas. Seeing both children as excited as each other was an amazing experience. One that I hope we can have for a few more years yet.

Our preparations for Santa started by leaving reindeer food in our garden. During our Christmas visit to Colchester Zoo, we were able to buy little bags of real reindeer feed to leave out. The money raised from the bags went towards the zoo fund. The food is also perfect for other wildlife to eat.

Next, it was time to leave out some treats for Santa. The children were excited about using the plates they decorated during their visit to Santa’s Grotto at Fenwick.

ethan fenwick christmas plate preparing for santas visit
little e fenwick christmas plate preparing for santas visit

Snacks for Santa’s Visit

Ethan put mince pies on his plate. If you look closely you can see where he had taken little bites to test them. He wasn’t brave enough to take a big bite though. He also left Santa an apple bar. One of Ethan’s favourite snacks. Making sure that he ate one himself before he went to bed.

ethans santa plate mince pies apple bar

Little E left Santa a pain au chocolat. A discussion she had already had with Santa on our visit to his grotto. She also left the reindeer treats that came with their McDonald’s dinner that night.

little es santa plate pain au chocolat carrots

Where’s Santa?

The real highlight was brought with the help of Sky. There was a Where’s Santa app that tracked Santa’s trip around the world. It was able to show the children where he was, where he was going next and the number of presents he had delivered. Little E declared ‘He is real!’. Ethan even checked the app on Christmas morning making sure that Santa was on his way to our friends in America. Preparing for Santa’s visit this Christmas Eve gave us some amazing memories.

ethan little e wheres santa map preparing for santas visit

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