Our Fun-Filled Day At Drusillas Park Review

Our Fun-Filled Day At Drusillas Park Review

We have visited Drusillas Park once before when Ethan was very young. In the Easter holidays, we were invited to visit so that we could see their new Rainforest Carousel. Knowing that Drusillas is a great family day out filled with animals and rides we couldn’t wait to visit. We also knew that Little E wouldn’t want to miss out on a visit to the Hello Kitty Secret Garden!

Our Fun Filled Day At Drusillas Park Review

The Animals At Drusillas Park

There are over 100 different species of animals to see at Dursillas. These include snakes, monkeys, lemurs, gibbons, meerkats, foxes, servals, porcupines, fruit bats, sloths, penguins, owls, flamingos, beavers, otters, anteaters, wallabies, and lorikeets.

great grey owl

Dursillas is a wheelchair friendly site, it has low level viewing windows, excellent animal visibility, and naturalistic enclosures. This ensures that everyone can enjoy their visit to the zoo.

ring tailed lemur

There are also three walk-through enclosures. Giving you the chance to visit ring-tailed and black lemurs in Lemurland. Feed the lorikeets in Lory Land. And if you’re brave enough visit Rodrigues fruit bats, a sloth violaceous turacos, and marmosets in the Bat Cave.

rodrigues fruit bat

Animal Learning Experiences

Dursillas like to give visiting children fun opportunity’s to learn new things. In the zoo area children can take part in the Zoolympics Challenge and the Animal Spotting trail. Zoolympics Challenge Record Books and Animal Spotter Books are free of charge and available from dispensers inside the entrance foyer.

Zoolympics Challenge

Throughout the zoo, children can complete activities that test their skills against those of the animals. This fun activity helps to teach children about different animals abilities.

Animal Spotting Trail

When following the trail children can use the accompanying booklet to stamp the appropriate animal page as you go. At the same time as spotting and finding your favourite animals, children will learn fascinating facts as they go.

Our Visit To See The Animals

We visited the zoo section of Dursillas after our lunch. It had been raining so not all of the animals wanted to be outside. We experienced the walk-through enclosures and the children loved all the activities they found in and around the zoo area. It was a shame but we missed the Zoolympics Challenge and Animal Spotting Trail booklets during our visit.

red panda

We did get that chance to do something that I have wanted to experience for a very long time. We got the chance to feed the lorikeets! I don’t remember Lory Landing being open the first time we visited Drusillas Park with Ethan. When we entered the enclosure the staff didn’t think that the lorikeets were in the mood for food. They gave us a free pot of food to try and see if they wanted something to eat. It took a while but we got the chance to feed some of them.

feeding lorikeets lory landing

In the below video I captured all of the animals we visited whilst at Drusillas Park.

There are also animal feeding and talks offered at the zoo. We missed these on this visit but below are the times of the experiences offered.

  • 11:00 am – Macaque talk & feed   
  • 11:30 am – Penguin talk and feed 
  • 12:00 pm – Otters talk and feed 
  • 1:00 pm – Lemurland talk and feed 
  • 3:00 pm – Lemurland talk and feed 

The Rides At Drusillas Park

Not only does Drusillas offer animal experiences the park also has rides, perfect for little thrill seekers. There is a Hello Kitty Secret Garden area, a Go Safari area, and the newly added Rainforest Carousel.

The Hello Kitty Secret Garden Area

There are three rides to enjoy in the Hello Kitty Secret Garden area.

The Hello Kitty Hopper Ride

Please Note: This ride is suitable for children who are 90cm tall or over, children under 90cm cannot go on this ride.

The Hello Kitty Car Ride

Please Note: Children under 110cm must be accompanied by an adult to go on this ride. There is a maximum of 2 people per car.

The Hello Kitty Tea Cup Ride

Please Note: Children under 90cm must be accompanied by an adult to go on this ride. There is a maximum of 4 people per cup (max two adults). 

The Go Safari Area

The Go Safari area also contains three rides to enjoy.

The Flying Cheetahs

Please Note: Children under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult sitting next to them or behind them to go on this ride. Children under the age of 12 months are not advised to ride. Anyone wanting to ride must be able to support themselves and have upper body control.

The Hippopotobus

Please Note: Children under 90cm must be accompanied by an adult to go on this ride. Children under the age of 12 months are not advised to ride. Anyone wanting to ride must be able to support themselves and have upper body control.

The Safari Express

Please Note: The Safari Express train ride is accessible for all guest to ride.

Lastly not forgetting the newest addition to Drusillas Park, the Rainforest Carousel.

The Rainforest Carousel

Enjoying The Rides At Drusillas

The rides at Drusillas open up at 11 am. Both of our children enjoyed all of the rides. Little E loved the Hello Kitty Secret Garden area. She loved that she could drive her brother around in a cat car.

ethan little e hello kitty car ride hello kitty secret garden drusillas park

Ethan loved the hopper ride and asked to go on that quite a few times.

ethan darren hello kitty hopper ride hello kitty secret garden drusillas park

It was quiet enough on the day we visited that they could go on the rides they wanted to numerous times.

ethan little e rainforest carousel drusillas park

Drusillas Is A Big Playground

Not only are there animals and rides at Dursillas there are also playgrounds for children of all ages. Go Wild is an outdoor play area for children aged 7 to 12. Go Bananas is an outdoor play area for children aged 6 and under. For the warmer weather, there is a splash pad and water play area. For rainy days there is also a soft play area called Amazon Adventure.

Due to the rainy weather, the children didn’t get the time to explore the outdoor playgrounds. They did, however, have a great time in Amazon Adventure. They do love a soft play area and it was nice that there was a rainy day option for the children to enjoy.

Visiting Drusillas Park With Autism

Drusillas offers its visitors with autism an Access Pass to help reduce the waiting times for the rides. This pass is very different from others that Ethan has had on our days out. This Access Pass gives you admission via the exit to each ride a maximum of three times per attraction. On other passes we have had it has only let you go on ten rides via the exit.

When Drusillas has it character days the Access Pass can also be used once to meet and greet with the character.

Visiting Tip: When you enter Drusillas Park you are directed to enter the zoo area first. On Ethan’s first visit he found this quite overwhelming as it could feel like a lot of people in one space. As we were invited to review the Rainforest Carousel we avoided the zoo as we entered and went straight to the ride area. This meant we viewed the park in the opposite way to most visitors. Ethan was more comfortable with this and it made the day a great experience for him and our whole family.

We Loved Drusillas Park

We all loved visiting Drusillas, the children had such a great day. Little E has told us that we need to visit again to meet Hello Kitty and she wants to drive the cars again.

little e ethan big deck chair drusillas park

It would be great to get the chance to see the animals again without the rainy weather. I would love to complete the Animal Spotting Trail and complete the Zoolympics Challenge with the children.

saki monkey drusillas park

I vlogged our day at Drusillas Park you can watch the video below.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted entrance tickets to Drusillas Park for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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