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Word Of The Week – Reunion

This past week has been our children’s February half-term holiday. We took the chance to book a break at Woburn Forest Center Parcs. We were able to turn it into a little bit of an early birthday celebration and a mini-reunion. My mum will celebrate her 75th birthday this year. As my brothers big birthday celebration holiday has had to be pushed back for two years he will actually be out of the country on her birthday. So we thought we would take the opportunity to all get-together and surprise her. This also meant it was a bit of a reunion as it hasn’t been possible for all of us to get together for nearly fours years. It really was a multi-generational holiday as there was grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunties, great aunties, nephews, nieces and grandchildren. I think I easily hold two of the family titles in that list!


Our family bubble is the only one who has had the chance to experience a Center Parcs holiday. We normally stay at Elveden Forest so we couldn’t wait to explore Woburn Forest. What we were also looking forward to is that both children can now ride bikes. Meaning we were able to hire bikes during our break. I must admit my legs might have been cursing this decision as we were riding uphill at points. I kept reminding myself being active is good.

It was so nice being able to spend some extended time with my brother and his family. We normally visit them sporadically throughout the year. The pandemic and also Ethan catching covid has put a stop to many planned visits over the past two years. The last time we were able to spend some extended time with them was for my niece’s wedding. What was also fantastic is that my children love playing with my great-nephew. We still call him baby but he is nearly five. The children had so much fun together and created some great memories. Little E hasn’t stopped asking about him since we have been back which is lovely.

We did actually get a little bit of extended time on our reunion due to Storm Eunice. Center Parcs made the decision to close some of their resorts to visitors arriving on Friday. They then invited us to stay in our lodge for another night if needed to ride out the storm. We left on Friday afternoon when the red weather warnings had ended in our area.

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1 thought on “Word Of The Week – Reunion”

  1. Aww! How lovely for you all to get together to celebrate. It sounds like a great reunion and a fantastic break away for you all.
    That was wonderful you got to stay a little longer to ride out the storm x

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