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A Visit To The Upside Down House Clacton-on-Sea

I have seen people visiting Upside Down Houses on Instagram. They look like lots of fun but we haven’t been near any of the locations to be able to visit one. When Darren told me he had seen one being built at the Clacton Pavilion we added it to our list of places to visit. We got the chance to visit the Upside Down House Clacton-on-Sea on Monther’s Day.

A Visit To The Upside Down House Clacton-on-Sea

What Is An Upside Down House?

The Upside Down Houses are the perfect place to create a photographic illusion. In these houses, you can take crazy looking photos. Photos that make you look like you are standing on the ceiling of the house. Photos to share on social media to suggest that perhaps you can defy gravity.

ethan little e outside upside down house clacton-on-sea

Each Upside Down House is different and unique. They all have their own unique interior design styles. So you can visit multiple locations and take different photos in all of them.

Visiting The Upside Down House Clacton-on-Sea

We made sure we got to Clacton-on-Sea early hoping that there wouldn’t be many visitors at the house. There was only one other family in there when we arrived which was perfect for us. You can pre-purchase tickets via the Upside Down House website but we paid on arrival. It cost us £14 for our family to enter the house.

upside down house clacton-on-sea

The First Floor

When you enter you find yourself in what would be upstairs in a normal house. On this level, there is a small children’s bedroom, a bathroom and a seating area.

childrens bedroom upside down house clacton-on-sea
Children’s Bedroom – Photo rotated 180°
bathroom upside down house clacton-on-sea
Bathroom – Photo rotated 180°
upstairs seating area upside down house clacton-on-sea
Upstairs Seating Area – Photo rotated 180°

All of the furniture is placed in position on the ceiling so the floor that you are walking on becomes the ceiling in your photos.

jane little e ethan childrens bedroom upside down house clacton-on-sea

On this floor, there is a spiral staircase that will take you up to the second floor of the house.

The Second Floor

This floor is what would be the ground floor of a normal house. In this area, you will find the kitchen, the main bedroom and the main seating area.

main seating area upside down house clacton-on-sea
Main Seating Area – Photo rotated 180°
kitchen upside down house clacton-on-sea
Kitchen – Photo rotated 180°
little e main bedroom upside down house clacton-on-sea

We captured our visit to the Upside Down House in the video below.

Creating Fun Photos In The Upside Down House

The children were very excited about visiting the Upside Down House. They couldn’t wait to step inside. I think they were both just a little bit short to create the perfect illusion of hanging off of the ceiling or being in a world without gravity. But they did have fun and couldn’t wait to see the finished photos.

ethan bathroom
little e holding cushion main seating area

Darren was in his absolute element in the house. He was taking lots of funny selfies to send to his friends. Darren was also the right height for me to take some funny photos of him. He could have spent ages in the house without us.

darren kitchen
darren eating cake kitchen

I’m so glad we got the chance to step inside an Upside Down House. If we get the chance in the future I’m sure we would love to visit some of the other Upside Down Houses across the country.

Are you thinking of visiting Clacton-on-Sea by bus? Our post Visiting The Tendring Coast By Bus lists the available ticket options.

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