Our Superhero #LDWeek13

The lovely Hayley from Downs Side Up has made me aware that this week is Learning Disability Week 2013 and mencap have asked people to share their stories about their real life superheros. 

To me the word superhero means someone who swoops in to save the day. Someone who brings hope in the dark times and destroys all of the bad things happening in the world. 

So when asked who is our real life superhero the answer is easy, it’s our amazing Family Support Key Worker

She is doing an amazing job working with Ethan and setting him tasks that is allowing him to show us the knowledge he has. 

Without her I would not know that Ethan knows colours, can count, can do puzzles, can identify objects and can match objects together. 

She has also helped us introduce PECS which has started to give Ethan a voice, and giving him the option to make choices. 

Not only is she helping Ethan, she is helping me. She is teaching me how to help my son progress, that it’s OK for Ethan to have his own time, and more importantly that I’m not a terrible mother. I just have to learn now to connect with Ethan in a different way. 

As with all superheroes they are only around when they are required to help save the day. It will be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to our very own superhero. 

2 thoughts on “Our Superhero #LDWeek13”

  1. Thank you for joining Learning Disability Week with this wonderful post, a testament to the enormous impact one person can have on a whole family. Natty had a key worker at pre-school who made just such an impact on our family.
    H x

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