Our Trip On The Emirates Air Line

Our Trip On The Emirates Air Line

In May we went to see In The Night Garden Live at the 02. We have visited the O2 on quite a few occasions and have always mentioned that we have wanted to go for a ride on the Emirates Air Line. A cable car that takes you to the other side of the River Thames. You are able to take single or return trips. Normally we visit the 02 in the winter months. It was a lovely clear day so we decided to finally go for a trip on the cable cars.

Our Trip On The Emirates Air Line

Our Emirates Air Line Flight

As this was an impromptu decision we hadn’t pre-purchased tickets. This meant we had to buy our tickets from the ticket office at the Greenwich Peninsula.

emirates greenwich peninsula ticket office

It was going to cost us £27.60 for a round trip on the cable cars but the lady in the ticket office offered us a deal. For £28 we could have a champagne flight and a private cable car for the round trip. We would also pass the long queue of people waiting to board the cable cars. For forty pence more how could we say no!

We were escorted to our very own cable car and as I don’t drink Darren enjoyed our champagne.

Darren cable car champagne flight

Little E was very concerned about our ride on the Emirates Air Line. Worrying that it was going to be a fast ride. Thankfully she warmed up on the return trip.

emirates air line
emirates air line

Ethan loved our trip on the Emirates Air Line. He loves looking at google earth and anything map related. He thinks going into London is Eastenders. It isn’t a programme he has ever watched but he has found the opening titles on YouTube.

emirates air line london cable car

I’m not sure how long our trip on the Emirates Air Line lasted but I filmed our trip which you can watch in the video below.

I’m so glad we went on the Emirates Air Line cable cars it was a great experience. The only thing we did find that it was very hot because it was a very sunny day. A cooler day might make the trip more enjoyable.

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