Our Visit To Shrek's Adventure London REVIEW

Our Visit To Shrek’s Adventure London REVIEW

At the start of the summer holidays, we were invited to Shrek’s Adventure in London. You can find Shrek’s Adventure at County Hall in the South Bank of London. A place I have wanted to take Ethan too since his interest in google maps. Shrek’s Adventure is a live interactive adventure. I was interested to see if it would be an enjoyable experience for our family dynamic.

our visit to shrek's adventure london

What Is Shrek’s Adventure?

Your adventure through Shrek’s world starts with a journey to Far Far Away on a magical flying 4D bus. Donkey drives the magical flying bus which takes an interesting turn! I won’t give away the plot of the story but you get to meet lots of interesting characters along the way. We met Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Muffin Man to name just a few.

shreks adventure london entrance

What You Need To Know About Shrek’s Adventure?

  • You depart to Far Far Away in small tour groups. These groups have staggered starts all through the day. Being an early visitor we didn’t have to wait long to join the next available tour. We never saw any other tour groups whilst on our journey.
  • The bus ride takes place on a non-moving bus. Surrounded by 4D screens the bus makes you feel like you are moving. You will have to wear 4D glasses to enjoy the experience. Be prepared to get wet!
  • 12 fairy-tale themed live shows await you. These will include storytelling, special effects, and DreamWorks animation. This really does make it a fully interactive experience.
  • You walk from one area to another so you are on your feet during the experience with a few chances to sit down.
  • There is audience participation to collect special ingredients thought out the experience. Enjoy yourself if you are a chosen one. Darren had to dance on a stage to help collect an ingredient. He was totally out of his comfort zone.
  • Shrek’s Adventure lasts for approximately for an hour and a half. We allowed two hours of the day for our tour.
  • You can’t use cameras and camera phones to take photos during your tour. You can use them in the character courtyard at the end of your tour. There are lots of photo opportunities there.
  • Official photographers take photos during your tour. You can purchase these photos before you leave Shrek’s Adventure.
shreks adventure london dreamworks tours

What We Love About Shrek’s Adventure?

I really didn’t know what to expect on our journey through Shrek’s Adventure. I wasn’t sure if our children would embrace their time there or if Ethan would find the experience too overwhelming. There was no need to worry as both children embraced the experience and really enjoyed it. Little E was fighting to get noticed to get a part to help the characters. They both coped really well with moving from one set to another. It is very cleverly done and they got totally wrapped up in the story. You are involved in the story but that really is all part of the fun.

The children loved getting the chance to meet Shrek. I totally missed this photo opportunity as I wasn’t sure if we could use our own cameras. You might want to ask this question before it gets to your turn. The children loved seeing the other DreamWorks characters in the character courtyard. The characters are models but they are perfect for photo opportunities. You can find this area at the end of the tour.

marty madagascar

The Trolls Festival has been taking place this summer and we were also able to meet Princess Poppy during our visit. Visiting the trolls festival costs extra. Both children had an enjoyable time in the festival.

meeting princess poppy trolls festival

We really enjoyed our visit to Shrek’s Adventure London and hope we can visit again in the future.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted tickets to Shrek’s Adventure London for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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