darren sanding front door painting a upvc front door

Painting A uPVC Front Door – Front Door Makeover

With the children returning to school Darren is still on Furlough. This is giving him the time to look for DIY projects to refresh our home. We both knew we wanted to give our front door a makeover. In an ideal world, we would like a new front door but that could end up being expensive. Painting our front door would give it a nice refresh. But where would we start? Our front door is uPVC and this would be our first attempt at painting uPVC. This is our experience of painting a uPVC front door.

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Painting A uPVC Front Door

Which Paint Did We Use To Paint Our uPVC Front Door?

We purchased three different paints to complete our front door makeover. These included

Zinsser B-I-N Multi-Surface Primer

zinsser b i n multi surface primer

We knew that we would need to use a primer on our front door. We found Zinsser B-I-N Multi-Surface Primer which said it is suitable for use on many different surfaces including PVC. It also offered to provide excellent adhesion for hard-to-paint surfaces. We thought this would be the best product to prepare our front door for painting.


Zinsser AllCoat Multi-Surface Paint

zinsser allcoat multi surface paint

Our front door has a white wooden frame, white sections, and white areas needing a refresh on our porch. We discovered Zinsser AllCoat Multi-Surface Exterior Paint. It offers supreme protection and is mold-resistant. It can be used on all exterior surfaces. The first coat of paint used acts as a primer sealing the surface. The second coat forms the topcoat which completes the sealing process.


Sandtex Metal & Wood Paint – Seclusion Grey

sandtex metal wood paint seclusion grey

To be honest, when we thought about painting our front door we thought we would paint it blue. Darren did suggest red but I’m sure I read somewhere that you shouldn’t have a red door unless it was facing in a certain direction. I have no idea which direction our front door faces!

Seclusion Grey was one of the only colours we both liked and was in stock for click and collect. We choose the Sandtex Metal & Wood Paint range as we like that it offers 10 years of protection.


Painting Our uPVC Front Door

Darren started to prep our front door by lightly sanding it. This was really just to remove any imperfections.

darren sanding door

He then used the Zinsser B-I-N Multi-Surface Primer to paint the door. He only did this for one coat.

painted front door zinsser primer

The next job was to paint the door frame and the white parts of the porch that had gone yellow with age. This was the job of the Zinsser AllCoat Multi-Surface Paint.

Updating the white parts of our front door dramatically changed the overall look of our front door.

primed front door painted porch

To finish our front door it was time to use the Sandtex Seclusion Grey. Darren painted it with two coats to give it the look he wanted.

darren painting front door sandtex seclusion grey
finished painted upvc front door

It took Darren two days to transform our front door. We love the new colour and we are so glad we used this time to give our front door the makeover it needed.

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