Stop Financial Friction With Your Partner, With These Simple Relationship Tips

Stop Financial Friction With Your Partner, With These Simple Relationship Tips

Honeymoon period well and truly over? As far as your finances are concerned, things were probably a little different before you got married. Your money (and your debts) were your own, you had a certain amount of financial freedom and initially, the idea of joining financial forces with someone you love could only be a good thing.

Stop Financial Friction With Your Partner, With These Simple Relationship Tips

You’re more likely to reach financial goals. Get rid of those debts faster. Save for a rainy day as well as put something aside for your kids – click here to discover a junior ISA from Wealthify for your little ones. But, if you find yourself fighting and arguing with your partner’s overspending habits, debts, and final payment reminders, it leaves you wondering: where did it all go wrong?

The most common causes of financial friction vary from couple to couple with the most prominent including:

  • Differences of opinion about whether money should be spent or saved
  • Money secrets e.g. secret bank accounts
  • Hidden debts
  • Uncontrollable spending
  • Gambling habits
  • Arguments over affordability – like children, a new car or getting married

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, read on for some tips on how you can stop financial friction between you and your partner.


If all you have to do is mention money and an argument ensues, then communicating your worries or thoughts on the matter could be the last thing you want to do. However, good communication is imperative if you want to get to the bottom of your financial disagreements and find a resolution. Find out what the issues are. Do you feel babied and trapped by the budget your partner has set? Is their gambling habit ruining your plans for the future? Is the budget not reasonable? Are they not pulling their weight financially?

If an unexpected bill pops up, discuss what you should do together and try to keep calm.

Discuss Your Purchases

Ok, so you shouldn’t have to ask permission to buy a bottle of milk, but anything over a certain amount is better off being discussed as a couple. Found a good holiday deal? Or a nice new car you think you can both afford? Chat with your spouse first before making any large financial decisions. It’ll reduce tension and it’ll bring you closer together.

Set Goals Together

Are you someone who likes to plan? Or do you worry about the future when you get there? Whichever role you and your partner take, you must set goals together to avoid friction and fighting over money. If the spouse who is less interested in saving for the future can see how much this means to you, and how it will benefit them in the long term, then they’re more likely to support you and jump on board.

And Finally, Try to Find Ways of Not Spending!

A date night where you don’t leave the house, romantic walks in the countryside, checking out a new discounted supermarket together. These are all ways you can spend time together and not dish out a fortune, reducing expenditure and arguments!

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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