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Planning a Nature-Based Getaway

Planning a family getaway is hard work. That goes without saying. Not only are you trying to plan a getaway, which is difficult in itself, but you need to fully organise the little ones in your life, ensuring that the trip meets everyone’s needs and keeps everyone happy. There are, of course, oh so many types of breaks that you can enjoy with your children in tow. You can consider overseas getaways in all-inclusive hotels. This has its benefits. You get to let go of a lot of responsibility and relax yourself while your kids enjoy organised activities hosted by hotel reps. You could consider a city break. This is more challenging. It’s not all too often that children will enjoy walking around streets, museums and other attractions more geared towards adults. But these aren’t the only two options available. People tend to forget that there are so many other options out there. One you might want to consider is an outdoorsy getaway. Here’s some more information to help you decide if this is for you, as well as how to get the ball rolling if it is!

man and kid walking on downhill Getaway

Why Choose an Outdoorsy Break?

A nature-based getaway is a holiday or break where you will spend a lot of time immersed in nature. This can be particularly enjoyable for those of us who live in busy cities or built-up areas where the most nature we really get to see is some landscaped parks or the odd fox and pigeon. We can easily feel disconnected from nature and this provides a good opportunity to really feel the earth beneath your feet, enjoy some woodland, see some stunning landscapes, hear the sounds of nature and so much more. Outdoorsy breaks can also see your kids be kids. They can build fond memories of campfires, star gazing, playing and more. Outdoorsy breaks also tend to be lower cost. They’re not something that’s picked up by many singletons, couples or childless families. They are much more affordable and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to enjoy it.

Where Will You Rest?

You need some sort of accommodation on your outdoorsy break. It’s important to choose this early on in the process, as it can impact all sorts of other parts of your trip, ranging from how you travel to your destination to what you pack. There are as many forms of accommodation as there are outdoorsy breaks, so mull them over and see what’s best for you. Here are some that you might find tick your boxes.

  • Camping – camping takes some investment to begin with. You’ll need to invest in a tent, sleeping bags, tent pegs, mallets, torches… the list goes on and on. There are essentials and then there are add-ons for comfort. Cool boxes. Camping stoves. However, once you’ve got all of the gear, you can use it year in year out. This is a back-to-basics type of getaway, as you’ll find that you really are outdoors, without many of the home comforts you may be used to. If you want some more basics, as well as more safety, you can always set up on a campsite with electrics, showers, toilets and more.
  • Caravans – a caravan holiday is similar to a camping holiday, but you have more secure lodgings. The caravan will provide you with more warmth and comfort, as many have beds and are properly sealed. You can find that some also have seating options and even toilets, showers or kitchens. You can find caravan sites all over the place, from Holidays in the Peak District to static caravans in Cornwall.
  • B&Bs – B&Bs are bed and breakfasts. They are much like homes that people tend to break out into separate rooms. You will have your lodgings and your breakfast will be provided. They are low-cost and offer comfort. Just make sure to check the situation with bathrooms. Some B&Bs have shared bathrooms, which may not be for everyone.
  • Hotels – hotels are generally the highest budget option in this list. They offer more comfort and even luxury, depending on the stars you opt for. Your room will be cleaned, your bedding will be changed, and you’ll receive fresh towels. This is the ultimate relaxation option, but you will likely spend less time outdoors. It is an option for those looking to engage in outdoor activities and to have somewhere truly comfortable to settle back down into at night. Just make sure kids are accepted too, as some hotels are adult only.
  • Rentals – holiday homes and holiday rentals are another option for those looking to enjoy outdoor activities but have more comfort to return to. These are a home away from home. They can be cheaper than a hotel, or they may be the same price, but you will have facilities such as a kitchen to be able to cook meals in and save on meal costs.

What Will You Do?

What are you going to do with your time on your outdoor break? There are so many activities out there and only you can find what will best suit your family. Some activities will be suitable. Some might not be – perhaps your kids will be too young. Do your research. Looking into your options will ensure that you choose appropriate activities, that you book to avoid disappointment and that you don’t overspend and impact your budget. Some fun outdoor activities to consider include hiking, nature trails, campfires (just make sure to put them out responsibly), rock pooling, building sandcastles, cycling and so much more. You may need specific tools or clothes for different activities. You might need to bring everyone’s hiking boots, wetsuits or more.

Nature-based getaways can be difficult to organise, but all in all, they should be something fun to look forward to and that you and your family can fully enjoy. Some of the information above should serve as guidance to help you plan the best break possible! You and your family will be building bonds before you know it.

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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