Pumpkin Carving - Halloween 2014

Pumpkin Carving – Halloween 2014

Last year we carved pumpkins for the very first time. It’s a tradition I want to continue for as long as possible. So on Sunday, we went to collect our pumpkins from our local supermarket. Ethan picked both pumpkins for us to carve for our Halloween 2014.

smiling ethan pumpkin carving halloween 2014

Just like last year, it was Darren’s job to do the carving. Ethan watched on as Darren created our pumpkin masterpieces.

darren ethan pumpkin carving halloween 2014

I was very concerned that Ethan might want to grab the knives but he was very good and just watched Darren. 

ethan pumpkin carving halloween 2014
ethan watching pumpkin carving halloween 2014

Darren just stuck to basic carving but next year I might download a template and be a bit adventurous.

jack o lanterns

So there you have it here are our pumpkins for Halloween 2014. Darren was very proud of his handiwork.

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