Creating A Home Office Space

Creating A Home Office Space

I have been self-employed and working from home since Ethan was diagnosed with autism. It was a very big change to my working life and one that took a while to get used to. I love not having to do the daily commute into London but I miss seeing everyone in the office. Over the years I have also had to get used to juggling two children and two different schools. Ethan’s changing needs and all of the appointments. Sometimes working from home can feel harder than being in the office. Juggling life can be interesting espically as I had been used to being able to work twelve hours a day without interruption. The one thing that I am missing from my self-employed life is a home office space.

creating a home office space

At the moment I work sitting on my sofa with my laptop on a tray. My printer lives in the kitchen taking up lots of counter space. I dream of being able to create a home office space!

How Could We Create A Home Office Space?

The easiest way to create a home office space would be to move house. But that isn’t really an option for us at this time of our lives. I’m also not really sure that I want the stress of moving to a new area as we do have a nice routine in place. We feel that the best way to create some office space would be to increase our living space with a conservatory. We have recently looked at the options available to us and we are hoping this is something we could do in the very near future.

Furnishing A Home Office Space

Orchard Cottage had an office space, yes I took my laptop away on holiday with us! I loved how it was simply furnished but was perfect for my working needs that week.

jane orchard cottage office

I would, however, take inspiration from the commercial furniture that I have experience of in my London work office. Over the years our office went through a few office refurbs which meant we went through quite a few new desks and chairs. I know that I would need a comfortable chair as I am in front of my laptop quite a lot. I think I would also want a desk with some storage but I also wouldn’t want to have something that I could clutter with my work items. Perhaps lots of storage space would be the answer to hide some of the clutter.

My home office space would be small so I would also have to take that into consideration. So I would need office furniture that was compact, with some good storage space and a home for my printer. It won’t happen overnight but one day I hope my dream of having my own office will come true.

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post with Apres Furniture.

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